10 Effective Ways To Use Video In Your Business

We have already argued that it is important for companies to include video in their communication strategy. Perhaps you have already produced a video to present your company and now you have a hard time seeing how this video can be otherwise utilized. Or it might seem impossible to get started with video at all. Here you’ll find ten approaches to video that most companies can advantageously incorporate into their communication strategy.


1. Convert doubt to trust with testimonials

When we humans invest in a product or in a business, we need to know that others like ourselves would do the same. In a testimonial, famous or ordinary people comment positively on a company or product. Used correctly, it can be an extremely effective way to build credibility and eliminate doubt among potential customers – and ultimately convert hot leads into sales.


2. Focus on the good cause

As modern consumers become more critical and have more choices, it becomes more important than ever for businesses to focus on how they can make a difference. Do you take social responsibility? Do you support a sustainable future? Where does your profit go? Let yourself be inspired by petrol company OK Benzin, which managed to create a strong narrative as investors in local community sports. Or consider IRMA, the supermarket chain, the number one choice for sustainable and quality-conscious products in Danish supermarkets. This kind of strong storytelling in the service of the good cause is worth your attention, because the good story heavily influences consumers if they are to identify with and spend money on a brand.


3. Get rid of clichés

Nine out of ten companies have ‘Honesty’, ‘Teamwork’ and ‘Professionalism’ in their list of company values. The problem with declaring these core values is that they say very little about what your company or workplace is actually like.

This is where the Communication Industry’s #1 doctrine comes in handy; Show it, don’t tell it. If core values really are ​​to have an impact, they must be more than five words listed under “Our Values” on a website. Interviewed on camera, the ‘inspiring leader’ or ‘the people on the ground’ can put a real person behind the common buzzwords and elevate your business above the competition.


4. Take responsibility with a Q&A

Q&A, ‘Questions & Answers’, has great potential as video content, because the target audience can get answers to questions about the company and its products, while the company shows responsibility and minimizes errors. A Q&A video is excellent content on social media and can help extend the visiting time on your website. Many companies collect the most frequently asked questions in a written FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), but it can certainly be an advantage to incorporate them in video to provide more interesting and in-depth answers.


5. Make high quality material widely available using event videos

Event films are evidence that an event has actually taken place. As a company, you can benefit from this. In other words, this is a way of turning existing offline activities into quality online marketing material. Event videos are relevant at product launches, celebrations of anniversaries or seminars where the company acts as an expert. People who attended the event are reminded of the benefits of the event, are likely to share it and most importantly; those who were not present can now also benefit from the company’s event and expertise. Like Q & A’s, event videos have great potential as social media content.


6. Spark interest with annual report and result films

People assume financial statements are boring and of internal interest only. Precisely for this reason, it is a good idea to make Annual Report films aimed at stakeholders who do not normally read annual accounts, such as certain customers, suppliers or partners. This is an opportunity to make the most important information – on which many resources are already spent – widely available. It’s a way to tell everyone how your business is making a difference and why it’s worth investing in.


7. Tutorial for creating satisfaction

Let’s not forget the potential of tutorial videos. This type of video shows customers how to use a specific product or provides tips within a subject area. This makes companies appear accessible and customer-oriented – and ensures that products are handled correctly, thereby creating satisfied customers. More generic tutorials can also profile a company as a market leader by promoting general knowledge.


8. Use sponsor videos to show commitment

If your company sponsors individuals, associations or events, this is an obvious opportunity to share it in a video. This sends a strong signal about your commitment by showing that you support activities and interests your target group can identify with.


9. Attract the best employees with employer branding

Who isn’t interested in recruiting the right employees? By using current employees as ambassadors in your video, you can present your company and work environment in an attractive way in order to be able to attract and recruit the most relevant employees.


10. Replace the Employee Handbook with an onboarding video

Once you have a great presentation video, a useful Q&A video and perhaps a few event or charity videos, then you have created a good foundation for future employees. Much better than any old staff handbook! PressConnect helps companies at the top of the Danish business community to successfully implement video as a medium for modern and leading communication strategies. Let us help you develop a relevant video communication strategy.