Two approaches to a better reputation

Reputation and revenue are often intertwined. Therefore, tending to your reputation must be taken seriously. As a client of PressConnect and PublicConnect, you are assured that your company will be both heard and understood by the right stakeholders.

We specialize in creating rewarding encounters between companies, the public and the press. We provide agency for a wide range of companies, organizations and businesses from diverging industries.

We provide solutions within public relations, crisis communication, media analysis, social media, digital communication, film & video and corporate communication.

Of course, we work closely with PublicConnect, ensuring a coherent storytelling in both communication and representation.

We specialize in dealing with political challenges and offer strategic guidance and execution in public affairs.

Engaging our completely unique network within politics, civil service and interest organizations, ensures a strong, coherent effort.

Along with PressConnect, we integrate all media platforms and political advocacy, targeting our efforts and yielding the greatest possible impact.


Meet our dedicated employees. Together, we represent a full range of qualifications and experience.