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About us

PressConnect works with press consultancy and strategic and digital communication for private businesses.

We specialise in the meetings between companies, the public and the press, and we advise businesses, organisations and corporate leaders from a wide range of different sectors.

Our work is based on insight, experience and confidentiality and we deliver solutions within the areas of public relations, crisis communication, media analysis, networks, Social Media and digital communication, film and video, public affairs and corporate communication.

We are based in Copenhagen, but we operate in all the Nordic countries.


Morten Huse Eikrem-Jeppesen

Morten Huse Eikrem-Jeppesen

Director and founder

Morten has 20 years’ experience working with strategic communication, a thorough knowledge of the media sector and a broad network which is far more extensive than most others.

Morten is trained as a journalist and has operated at the highest level throughout his career in both the communications sector and in the press. His most recent roles have been Communications Director at Falck and Director of Group Communications and Public Affairs for PFA Pension, and before that he worked as Financial Editor for the Børsen newspaper in Denmark.

Morten has also worked previously as a CIO for both Falck and for the Danish Property Federation. In addition, he has served as the editor-in-chief for the publications Økonomisk Ugebrev and Dagbladet Roskilde.

Last but not least, he is the author of the book Blændværk (in English, ‘Illusions’ or ‘Deceptions’) about the Roskilde Bank crash.

Mobile: +45 53 85 07 70


Louise Toft Nielsen

Communications Advisor

Louise holds a graduate degree in Film- and media science from University of Copenhagen

Louise is communications advisor at PressConnect and has previously worked as Brand Manager at Retriever Denmark. In addition she has worked with strategic communications at the the danish Think Tank, Kraka, as well as communication and social media work at The Royal Danish Embassy in Moscow and the danish broadcast channel TV2. 

Mobile: +45 30 23 31 27


René Løkkegaard Jepsen

René Løkkegaard Jepsen

Senior communications advisor

René provides advice on digital communications.

He founded the company EMPTYHOUSE Media & Communication in 2012, which has been delivering communication solutions to a wide range of Danish and international companies and organisations.

In 2017, PressConnect took over EMPTYHOUSE’s activities and René now continues his work as a senior communications advisor with PressConnect.

He has a journalism degree from the Danish School of Media & Journalism in Aarhus and holds an MSc in Digital Design and Communication from the IT University of Copenhagen. He has previous experience with many media outlets, including the Danish newspaper Berlingske.

Mobile: +45 24 47 92 48

Mads Aarup Jensen

Mads Aarup Jensen

Digital advisor

Mads holds a graduate degree in Digital Design and Communication from the IT University in Copenhagen specialising in user behaviour, and he also holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Communication from Roskilde University.

He provides advice within the field of digital communication, especially film and video production for the internet and social media.

Since 2014, Mads worked for EMPTHOUSE Media & Communication, where he solved tasks for Danish and international companies and organisations.

In 2017, PressConnect took over EMPTYHOUSE’s activities and Mads continues his work as a digital advisor with PressConnect.

Mobile: +45 61 27 30 64

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Ida Wind

Communications Advisor


Ida is a student at University of Copenhagen studying Information Science and Cultural Communication specializing in information and IT. 

Ida is communications advisor at PressConnect.

Mobile: +45 40 61 16 70

Rikke Hellerup Madsen

Rikke Hellerup Madsen

Communications Advisor


Rikke has a master in danish and an education in journalism from The Danish School of Media and Journalism (DJMX).

Rikke started her career as a media consultant at Berlingske Media. Since then she has been employed at DR2 (television), and as a Qualitative Researcher at TNS Gallup Denmark (affiliated with the pharmaceutical industry and the EU). Furthermore she has worked as a video journalist for Kailow Visual A/S.
Most recently Rikke has been a self-imployed journalist and communications consultant for a number of years.

Mobil: +45 31 21 30 99